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Voip Business Phone Service Sheffield

Voip Business Phone Service Sheffield

Our professional services can always help, contact us for free Consultations regarding: –
Saving money on call costs –
Saving money on Line rental costs
Moving Offices (comprehensive total packages)
Mobile phones (competitive prices across all networks)
Next generation Business Coms equipment.
We try to take the confusion out of the phone systems/services offered in what can sometimes feel a bit of a Minefield.
So, please, feel free to give us a call on our UK number 0800 009 6636 to enable us to help with any of your queries or requirements.

We help individuals and organisations of any size, around the UK, to find the systems and services that will enable their business to be successful and expand.

Make savings on business telephone calls and lines still using BT Core Network and Tier One carriers,
Combined billing for calls and line rental
NO downtime, NO disruption to Services, ONLY SAVINGS
Excellent levels of customer service and fault management
No queues, multiple departments or foreign call centres
No set up costs or no auto dialers
We can offer you all of the normal Select Services of the BT Network including:
Call Divert
1571 service
Caller Display
Presentation Number
Caller Redirect
Remote Call Forwarding
We can also save you up to 30% on line rentals (analogue, ISDN2e and ISDN30e) whilst retaining all existing services.
Voip Business Phone Service Greater Manchester
Confused by Voice over IP (VoIP) give us a call and we will help to explain the advantages/any disadvantage as opposed to your present phone system.

We are an independent dealer supporting all 5 mobile networks and can offer a variety of solutions to support your business.